Directions and their attributes - North

Directions and their attributes - North

This is one of the most auspicious directions. The owner of this direction is Kuber, Lord of Wealth and Prosperity, which is why the North is known as the wealth andcareer direction. The planet for this direction is Budh (Mercury).

The Vaastu Purush's chest occupies the northern direction, and as such, this area should be kept uncluttered, well lit and spacious.

Vaastu consultants also believe that the North receives a tremendous amount of positive energy from the North Pole. This energy is extremely beneficial to a structure and is also important for the residents of the building. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that there should be large openings in the North to help the structure receive these positive energies.

When designing a house, it is essential to ensure that all rooms and facilities are positioned correctly in relation to the North, so as not to harm or hinder the positive effects of this direction. Placing a bathroom in the North results in heavy losses to the occupants of the house, and creating a store here can also lead to stagnation in their income, as it blocks finances. Similarly, placing the master bedroom in the. North promotes restlessness and, hence, is not advisable. Positioning a kitchen in this direction burns all the positive energy emanating from the North. As a result, financial resources are lost, and the family falls into debt.

1. The presence of slopes and underground water tanks in the North helps boost the income of the residents of the house, thus improving their financial status.

2. Placing large mirrors on the northern wall of a room enhances the benefits provided by this direction. This is because whatever is reflected in the mirror is doubled.

3. Avoid placing closets on the North walls of the room, as it makes the wall heavy and, in turn, stops the North's energy from flowing freely.

4. If the number of doors in the North are fewer and smaller in size than the doors in the South, it can create Vaastu defects and lead to expenditure-related problems.

5. In the case of buildings that face the North, the elevation of the building in the front should not be higher than that of the other sides. This can result in serious Vaastu defects.