Vastu For Dining Room

Vastu For Dining Room

Key Points According To Vastu For Dining Room

If the kitchen is on the ground floor the dining hall should not be on the upper floor. For carrying food, crossing the stairs is not proper to some extent.

It is most profitable to have the dining room in the west side of the building. If it is in the east or the north it is tolerably good.

While taking food, the head of the family should sit facing the east.Others should sit facing the east, the west or the north. However nobody should sit facing the south. If it is done, unnecessary quarrels take place.

Before we start taking our food it should be served to the cow, the birds.and animals, etc.

The dining hall should have a door in the east, the north or the west. There should be no arches.

The dining table should not be round shaped, eggshaped, hexagonal or of irregular shape. It should be square or rectangular in shape. It should not be attached with the wall.

There should be water in the north-east comer of the room. Wash-basin should be in the east or the north, leaving the south-east and the south-west comer.

Portraits depicting nature and paintings in the dining room makes the atmosphere happy.

There should not be any attached toilet in the dining room. There is no harm in an attached room used for washing clothes or utensils.

The door of the dining room and the main entrance door of the house should not be facing each other directly. The walls of the dining hall should have light blue, yellow, saffron or light green colour.