Vastu For Parking

Vastu For Parking

1. Porch or portico should be in the east or the north direction. If it is in the west, the south-west corner should be vacant and if it is in the south direction it should be in the south-east corner. But this can be tolerable only.

2. The roof of the porch in the east or the north direction should be two feet shorter in height than the main building. Porch with downward slope towards the north is very good.

3. When the car is parked in the porch, its face should never be towards the south. As far as possible, it should be towards the east or the north. If the face comes towards the west or the north-west, the car remains in the porch for a very short time. It means that there is a lot of travelling.

4. The parking site of any building should not be in the north-east and the south-west corner. The best site is of course the north-west direction. If it is in the south-east corner, minor repair work is expected. If the parking is in the south-west corner it does not come out of the garage and is always out of order. Parking is suitable if done in the basement in the east or the north direction.

5. For parking the gates in the east and the north-west direction are the best. However, the height of the gate should be less than that of the main gate of the wall compound. The pillars of the porch and the parking should not have arches or triangles. Porch should not be constructed with the support of the compound wall or by extending it (It should be separately build from the main building).

6. The proper colours for the porch are white, yellow or any other light colour. However; black and gray colour should be avoided.

7. If a business deal is to be finalized the vehicle should be kept with face towards the north on the previous night. It is beneficial. Administrators and officers should keep their vehicles with face towards the east. On the full moon day and zero moon day, one should not cross the city boundary between 11 p.m. and 4 p.m. in the afternoon and at night. If you are travelling, you should take rest during this period. During this time due to the attraction and repulsion forces of the moon the atmosphere is charged and is conducive to accidents. Similarly, one should avoid to travel in the south and the south• west direction on Saturday.