What is Vastu Shastra

What is Vastu Shastra ?

Vastu Shastra is a well-known old Indian science relating to construction and architecture. This science has been created by ancient Indian sages and rishis for the welfare of the entire humanity. Knowledge of Vastuu shastra enables us to get mental peace, health, wealth, prosperity, etc. This science of construction has precepts that have traditional views on how laws of nature can have a profound effect on the dwellings of humans. Vaastu consultants in Chennai explain how the designs based on this science are determined by the directions. Many other domains like the furniture, vessels, vehicles, paintings, etc, are covered in the Vastu Shastra for homes and offices. This ancient construction science has been known to have seen the light through the teachings of Maamuni Mayan in the South of India, and through Viswakarma in North India. Indian Vastu shastra based principles govern the construction of homes, temples, forts, apartments and many other buildings.

In Sanskrit, Vastu means dwelling or a house. This can also correspond to a plot or land. Shastra means science, teaching or doctrine. Vastu shastra determines the way a building is constructed based on certain mathematical calculations and the relationship of the energies in that space for the benefit of the residents living in that building. Vastu shastra for homes advocates the presence of five natural elements in any space, also known as the Pancha Maha Bhootas. Life on earth is attributed to the presence of these five elements occurring in balance. These five elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Earth or Bhoomi is a big magnet, with north and south poles and a giant gravitational force. This force has considerable effect on all the living and non-living things on the earth. Water or Jal, on earth is represented in the form of seas, rivers, rain and ice. It is even a part of every living organism on this planet. Air or Vayu, has the function of life support, as air has a powerful effect, above everything else. Many human and physical comfort values are based on the air flow, air pressure, air composition and temperature of the air. Fire or Agni is represented by the amount of light and heat in the night or day, the energy from the seasons, and human expressions like enthusiasm, vigour and passion. Space or Akash is an element that provides shelter. It is also the primary conductor of all the energy sources like the light and sound. It also affects the cognitive energies like the intuition and intellect, along with social energies like emotion and psychological representations.

Indian Vastu Shastra principles propose that there is always a constant relationship between all these elements. If a building in which a person lives has a balance of these five natural forces, their living conditions can be improved drastically. This science tries to combine the nature of these five elements and balances them with the material and person. The principles teach us how to create a congenial living environment through the facilitation of spiritual well-being. Vastu tips for homes This congenial living ensures enhanced wealth, health and working conditions thereby improving the happiness of the inmates.

According to the Indian architecture, each dwelling is given the importance of a shrine. The concept behind every design is sacred and spiritual. It is based on the directions, the flow of energy and also their interaction. The Vastu Purusha Mandala is an important part of this ancient science and diagrammatically represents the plan of a building by incorporating the supernatural forces of nature. Purusha refers to the soul, energy, power or cosmic man. Mandala means a plan or chart that represents all facets of the cosmos. According to Hindu Cosmology, earth's surface is represented as a sphere. A home is referred to as a four-cornered structure, built in relationship with the directions north and south, along with the aspects of sunrise and sunset.

The eight directions are ruled by deities and they represent the location of different spaces in our home structure.

• North - Kubera - Ruled by lord of wealth

• South - Yama - Ruled by lord of death

• East - Indra - Ruled by the solar deity

• West - Varuna - Ruled by lord of water

• Northeast {Eshanya} - Ruled by Shiva

• Southeast - Agni - Ruled by the fire deity

• Northwest - Vayu - ruled by the god of winds

• Southwest - Ruled by ancestors

• Center - Brahma - Ruled by the creator of the universe

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