Plots According to Varna Category

Plots According to Varna Category

According to Vaastu scriptures, square-shaped plots, with white-coloured voil, an udambra tree, and a slope towards the North are the most suitable and fortunate for Brahmins. Moreover, the soil of this plot should be sweet to taste.

In the case of Kshatriyas, the shape of the plot should be rectangular; its length should be one-eighth more than its width. The soil's colour should ideally be of a reddish shade, and its flavour a little bitter. The slope of the land should be towards the East. This type of site guarantees success to Kshatriyas.

For Vaishyas, the length of the plot should be one-sixth more than its width; the soil's colour should have yellowish shades, and it should taste sour. The slope of the land should head towards the East.

Plots whose length is one-fourth more than its width, and where the soil's colour is blackish and has a pungent flavour are best suited for Shudras. These sites make them feel good and invites prosperity.

In general, all the sites mentioned above should be free of ants, worms, potsherds, pebbles and bones. They should also be free from holes and cavities, and be as smooth as a sheet.