Vastu Remedies

Vastu Remedies - Word of Caution

It is emphasised that Vastu remedies must not be tried indiscriminately without a complete knowledge of the principles of Vastu. All remedies are based on multiple criterion all of which cannot be explained in a web page. It is important to understand the basic essence of remedies and to have comprehensive knowledge of the subject before attempting remedies. For example, you read in a book that a borewell in north corner will ensure the flow of money for your factory. So you go ahead and dig one on your plot in the north corner, which happens to be exactly in front of your gate. You are more likely to sink all your profits into that well. There is more than one criterion for locating your borewell, for example, it should not be in front of your gate or the main entry of your building. It should not be on the energy lines joining the north-east of your plot to the north-east of your building and also not in the middle of any pathway. Unless you know all these you are likely to make a mistake.

Another thing is that the physical inspection of site and identifying the directions accurately is very important. It is not possible to depict all the details required for an accurate diagnosis on a drawing alone, e.g. how does one record on a drawing whether the view you are getting from your office window is pleasant, depressing or threatening for your state of mind which affects your work.

Another factor influencing the remedies is that a businessman cannot affect the desired results by focusing on business premises alone. His bedroom is equally important along with the rest of his home. Remember the sleeping position is one in which a person is stationary at one place for at least eight hours, longest compared to other activities for the orientation to have a good or bad effect.