Directions and their attributes – South East

Directions and their attributes – South East

This direction resembles a well-wisher, who although sensitive, is angry by nature. The owner of the South-east is Agni, Lord of Fire, and its representative planet is Shukra (Venus). The sun, the provider of life to this universe, is at its harshest when it enters this direction, and the heat generated is compared to Fire. Hence, the South-east is always reserved for fire-related devices. Since Fire is highly potent and opposed to elements such as Water and Air, great care should be taken while decorating this area. The use of South-east is a very delicate matter.\

The South-east is the best location for a kitchen. Since this corner belongs to Lord Agnidev, all food cooked here is blessed by Him and is believed to be very healthy and prosperous.

Never place your bedroom in the South-east, as this causes serious Vaastu problems. The ultraviolet rays of the sun reach this direction by noon and accumulate in the South-eastern room throughout the day, making it uncomfortable for the occupants. This can result in behavioral problems for them. Couples may face strained relations, sometimes even leading to divorce.

Placing overhead water tanks in the South-east is like creating an enemy in the house. It can lead to lots of unwanted problems related to electrical and electronic equipments. Underground water tanks in this direction are also not good. It may result in unwanted tensions and clashes with family members, relatives and friends. It can cause legal and administrative problems as well.

Water slopes heading towards the South-east also bring in problems, as do swimming pools. This can lead to fire-related accidents and other tensions.

Placing a mandir, puja room or a study room in this area is also not advisable, as due to its heated environment, it is not considered to be a peaceful location. The same stands true for safes storing cash and important files.

Avoid positioning a building's main entries in the South-east as this is very risky, and brings in unforeseen problems for the occupants. It may create legal problems as well.

Do not place a mirror in the South-east. This may result in losses for business organizations.