Directions and their attributes - South

Directions and their attributes - South

Although widely considered to be a bad direction, the South is actually not so. The corresponding planet for this direction is Mangal (Mars). The South's negative reputation stems from its owner Yama, Lord of Death. He is also in charge of legal affairs, and so, Vaastu defects in this direction may cause problems arising from legal matters. The South also affects the growth of financial prospects, business and career. However, the South is, in fact, the bank for all the good energies emanating from the North, and it stores this energy in the form of wealth for the house.

1. To ensure that there is no leakage of these energies, the South should not have any big openings. Closed places in the South are considered prosperous, while large access points in this direction can give rise to problems that are comparable to death.

2. To further store and stabilize the energies, you can make the South heavy by placing lots of furniture and closets here. It is also a good idea to create a store or granary in this direction, especially for those living in a joint family.

3. Thick walls in the South keep Yama at bay from the residents of the house.

4. Avoid placing mirrors on the southern walls of the house as it may enhance and expand the negative features of the South, and may not be good for finances. The same stands true for wall clocks and calendars, which are also not favourable. Instead, hang pictures of large buildings or mountains on these walls, as this will help keep problems at bay and also provide support to the people residing in the building.

5. It is good to use colours such as red and other dark shades in the southern areas of the house. You can create red interiors, which may include red walls, red curtains, red flowers, etc.

6. Bedrooms in the South can be given to children or other younger people in the house/family.

7. The presence of a bore well in the South can cause major problems in a family, and may also lead to huge financial losses.