Directions and their attributes – south west

Directions and their attributes – south west

This direction is owned by a demon called Niriti, and its corresponding planet is Rahu. The South-west is the strongest direction in the plot as it stores magnetic energies flowing in from the North-east. If used properly, this direction can give you a strong and healthy life, confidence, wealth, fame and health. However, incorrect usage of the South-west can result in serious problems for the residents of the structure. These include major losses in finances, emergence of behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety and suicidal feelings, loss of energy at the workplace, and even problems relating to conception within a family.

The South-west is the best place for a master bedroom, as one is always safe and happy in this part of the house. The owner of this bedroom enjoys both good health and wealth ... It is also the most restful place in a building. Make sure that the master of the house occupies the bedroom here. If it is given to the son, especially one who is newly married, it may create family problems. Since a South• west bedroom is very strong, with dominating overtones, it can cause clashes between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Cash and valuables stored in the South-west are stable and long lasting. As such, it is a good idea to place the cash drawer of a business unit or shop in this corner.

The South west is the worst place for positioning a building's entry, and should be avoided by all means. An entry here can cause big problems for the residents of the building.

Placing underground water tanks in the South-west is a major taboo in Vaastu. It can cause major delays in the life of the building's occupants. These delays could relate to anything, from personal matters to business decisions - anything that has to be finalized or be completed may get delayed.

A basement in the South-west is a huge Vaastu defect as well, and can make the residents of the house feel depressed and anxious. It can also cause major delays in their life.

The South-west section of the building should be more elevated than the rest of the structure. It should also be heavier in comparison to the North-east.

A kitchen in the South-west corner of the house burns the positive energies that need to be accumulated in this corner. This may result in problems related to reputation and fame for the residents of the house.

Make sure that the South-western wall or corner of your house does not have any cracks, as this could cause health problems, and a consequent increase in expenditure towards the treatment of the same.